CIREN Audio is born from an association of people passionate
with music and sound research.
After much musical studying and research and sound engineering, since 1984,

CIREN Audio applies it's knowledge and it's ears to audio mastering used today.


Why Mastering and only Mastering ?

Working in the studios is one thing, working with mastering is another.

The studio should do the best recording possible
Before entering the mastering program, one must be sure to use the best mixing or sound assertion possible. The studios may be different (recording / mixing) depending on the artist. This very technical work demands experience, an important material set-up (mic's)and listening/hearing skills oriented towards the instrument.

The studio should do the best mixing possible
This very creative work (involving choice of effects and sound positioning) should be listened to for spectral and musical balance. Here is where the magic in the making takes place.

The mastering studio should develop the best sound possible,
Ears should, just like during the mixing, be listening for song balance but should also be listening to the sound frequency spectrum so that the sound respects all forms of listening material (radio, car, stereo, audio files etc...)
It is the last chance for a song to sing and be heard. This demands, once again, specific material and experience

In order to keep our ears neutral and awake,
CIREN Audio does only mastering
and no recording or mixing


Quality FIRST ! ! !

Facing work by the hour and availability, CIREN prefers task based working because one should not waste this often important investment while finishing the actual songs.
We work for success each time in the same way ::

Giving of the album by the artist or a representative

Listening and then criticizing the album : We listen to the artist and then give our point of view

Artist's choice : The artist or sound manager decides which direction to take.

First Mastering : We carry out the first mastering and a pre-master sample is given to the artist with the possibility to listen to it on Mp3 available through " transparent audio " on the website)

First pre-master Critique : To obtain perfection, one must know to question oneself. The artist should be the owner of his album, his creation, his baby. We accept and encourage critical evaluation

Second mastering : This involves the final touch-ups and then the album can finally go off to the market

A trap to look out for

More and more studios are offering complete packages : you come in with your instruments and come out with 1000 CDs in hand. It's practical, doesn't require too much work and your album comes out quickly. Packages like this have a good side, but also a bad side :

  • Sometimes the sound engineer feels as if he should do everything himself (often for fiscal reasons) so the sound no longer comes from the heart of the studio. These are natural human errors and are often times not corrected by the sound engineer. The result is that you, the artist, no longer have a great perspective of the final album
  • Even worse, sometimes package mastering consists of simply passing your music through a "finalizer "which only compresses it leaving your music sounding thin and hollow.

In short, you end up with a piece of... well... a masterpiece nourished over several months, even several years, only to be thrown down the drain because you wanted to speed up the final steps. CIREN SAYS NO ! ! !

A musician does not hear the same things as the sound engineer during the mixing and the same thing goes for mastering. Mastering requires another ear and other skills, especially very different material from that found in normal recording studios, Make sure that a fresh, able ear is there to listen and your musical sound will be optimised during the mastering phase..


This is your album and you think not to be able
to offer yourself a real mastering session ?
Make us an offer and you'll be sweetly surprised...